July 05, 2020

Design Day 

It all started Senior Year on January 16th, 2020, in Economics class with Mr.Vidovich. In San Jose, California @ the King's Academy Highschool. 

We had our laptops out and a quick thought came to my mind - what IF I tried to design a piece of clothing for fun. So, following through with the thought, I pulled up a website with all types of different apparel ranging from t-shirts to pants. I went with the hoodie and decided to try out some designs. However, I was lacking the message, what would I base my brand of? What would be my underlying message to connect to people in order for them to purchase? 


All of a sudden, it came to me - Prodigy - I always wanted to leave a legacy in this world, inspire others with knowledge and hope to one day be successful. In addition, I wanted to work with different types of apparel, and that's where - Collections - came in. I wanted to release different collections on my site so people would have a variety for any type of activity. Either a night out or a hard workout - they would be wearing Prodigy!

Following Through

Came home after school, discussed with my mom about my idea and she was extremely supportive and helped me purchase the first bulk payment of my newest hoodies. Once the samples came in, made some adjustments, and finally had the finished product.

Local Presence

Once announced of the new hoodies,  hundreds of local friends supported my idea and journey. They purchased and loved it! As the weeks passed, more and more people locally would message me to purchase as I was building my social credibility as a brand. It was alarming to me, truly, on how many people were genuinely interested in my hoodie and the quality/design of it!


When Covid-19 struck the U.S, shutting down schools and businesses all over the country, I was left at a checkmate. How could I get the people my hoodie? I offered free delivery locally due to the endless support for my brand but now what? What do I do? 


Evolution of Prodigy

Dealing with the setback of Covid-19, I decided to get to work. I did countless research, invested in mentors, and tried my best to keep my dream going. Then it HIT me, I found the secret sauce. Unfortunately, I can not reveal the secret sauce, but I can describe more about it!:) I was able to be in contact with factories worldwide providing a wide variety of clothing to my fingertips. Then, I got to work! I designed and dropped a full fitness collection as I wanted to branch out to both fitness and streetwear. After the drop, things were rolling back into place, I was able to develop a nationwide community behind Prodigy for the love of Fitness and Streetwear, giving people the choice to purchase for any occasion or activity they enjoy to do. As the weeks went by, more people would be interested. My brand Instagram grew and Prodigy was starting to make moves

Now the #prodigytakeover is happening and spreading hot! Stay tuned for more updates about the company!