May 22, 2020

As the month of May wraps up with about two months in quarantine...what did you do for yourself? 

1. Did you sit around, do the same thing every day? 

2. Did you say, mm let me experiment and try something new for once 

3. Did you maybe try something new or expanded on a personal thing but it didn't go as planned? 

Over the course of May, personally I struggled a lot with self investing in myself. Always trying to prove others wrong or my own peers wrong. So, I decided to put my head down and self invest in myself. My mentor always preached about this "missing puzzle piece" for many humans from all walks of life. However, the whole time he was preaching it, I was blind to it - pushed it away, didn't invest time/effort into this missing puzzle piece.


Self Investing is the sole key to success. No matter how much money you make, how talented you are, or how good of a position you are in...self investing is the biggest key for success. You might think, well what type of success are you talking about? 

Well, the success of coming into terms with yourself, do you accept yourself for who you are, do you accept the fact that you are in a certain position for a reason, do you accept that you can't really pretend anymore? This is the real success because once you come into terms with yourself, greatness is just the start - you start building your legacy.

Who you TRULY are, not what is perceived on social media or to your family/friends but what is truly yourself. Some extremely wealthy people still have not found their true inner peace within themselves, being so caught in a crazy life but what comes out of it? Materialistic items, money - yeah everyone wants to be a millionaire but who do you know wants to create a legacy. To be known forever as a PRODIGY of mankind until only dust is left of our materialistic world. 

That is called self investing!

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